Célunk, hogy megszülessenek
a kívánt, tervezett gyermekek.
Célunk, hogy megszülessenek
a kívánt, tervezett gyermekek.

Introducing The Three Princes,

Three Princesses Movement

Professor Dr Mária Kopp established the Movement in the summer of 2009.

The name is a reference to fairy tales, where the heroes are often third-born princes or princesses.

According to research, Hungarian adults raise less children than they would like.

The main purpose of the Movement is to support young adults in accomplishing their dreams of having children.


  1. work-life balance

  2. discrimination against parents at the workplace

  3. unstable relationships

  4. lack of support from communities

  5. insufficient number of childcare facilities

  6. financial struggles

  7. values promoted by the media

  8. difficulties in finding the right partner

  9. infertility

  10. negative birth experiences.

The projects and most important achievements of the Three Princes, Three Princesses Movement:

In 2013, the Movement proposed a statement to the five parties in Parliament. In signing the statement, they pledged to support parents and families in their work.

We work with the Table of Population, so that all planned children can be born in Hungary.

We are keeping a list of places where the whole family can have fun, because the children will have a great time as well.



About us:

"We fully agree with the values of the Foundation. It creates forums to help spread information on best practices for companies.
The talks and conferences organised by the Foundation bring a certain value to our lives. We are grateful for all who work
or volunteer at the Foundation, for gathering experts, companies and institutions that want to help in their own way so that
young adults can form relationships, families can stay together, and employers can stay effective and be more family-friendly."
Bettina Márta –Organisation development advisor, ingatlan.com - Family-Friendly Company Mentor Organization

"At Magyar Telekom and T-Systems Hungary, a family-friendly approach is an essential part of our corporate culture.
To operate in accordance with these views, we constantly improve our best practices, and listen to any feedback we get.
The Three Princes, Three Princesses foundation is one of the main forces, that makes family a core value in our society.”
Katalin Kiss – HR advisor, Magyar Telekom Family-Friendly Company Mentor Organization

"I believe, that the future is in our children’s hands. The way we raise them is going to shape our country and our lives. The best investment, and the most noble task is raising children well, while also supporting other families in bringing up their own children. Not only families,
but also companies are grateful for the Foundation’s work, as a happy, satisfied employee is loyal, hardworking and efficient.
A shared goal, shared interest, and a shared success is why working with the Foundation is so valuable to us.”
Éva Marton– leader of the Working Parents Programme, GE, Family-Friendly Company Mentor Organization

“The Three Princes, Three Princesses Foundation represents a cause we can easily identify with. The Foundation promotes topics with widespread cooperation, a diverse approach and prominent experts. The K&H Group is committed to creating work-life balance for our employees, and providing a family-friendly environment at the workplace. In these efforts, we found the Movement a great ally."
Dr Bálint Révész – HR head of department, K&H Bank, Family-Friendly Company Mentor Organization

“A noble cause, great people, shared effort – that’s what the Foundation means to me.”
Csilla Ternovszky, executive director, ProLabora, Family-Friendly Company Mentor Organization

“The only thing besides love that is a universal part of every culture, is the desire for children. Moreover, people
who have children don’t just believe that humanity can avoid all danger, but also do something about it."
György Purebl, Semmelweis University, deputy director of the Institute of Behavioural Sciences

“EDUVITAL Non-profit Health Education Society supports the cause oft he Three Princes, Three Princesses foundation,
as the health of children and the ideal family environment is an essential part of holistic health education.”
András Falus, university professor, Semmelweis University, member of The Hungarian Academy of Sciences

“For young adults studying in higher education, advancing their career, and starting a family are both
great interests. Students should start reconciling personal life and career goals during their studies.”
Ágnes Engler, university lecturer, educational researcher,
University of Debrecen, Faculty of Humanities


“People will have more children, if they believe in the future.
They will only believe in the future if they can create long-lasting value.”
Dávid Mészáros, owner of ingatlan.com

“The key to our future is raising as many little angels as we can.”
Ferenc Túry, Semmelweis University
director of the Institute of Behavioural Sciences


“Being part of a welcoming community, where one feels irreplaceable is one of the main sources
of happiness. Family should be such a community, a place of unconditional acceptance.”
Quote from “A boldogságkeresés útjai és útvesztői a párkapcsolatokban”,
a book by Árpád Skrabski and Mária Kopp.


“Life gives many opportunities of happiness, if our family grows and we
build strong relationships. Let women have the opportunity to sustain life!”
Emőke Bagdy, Professor Emeritus at Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary,
Institute of Personality and Clinical Psychology


"This is a family Foundation, as I inherited this Foundation from my parents. I consider members and colleagues to be
part of my family as well. Although I only have one child, I think we contributed to the birth of many princes
and princesses. It is a great pleasure to volunteer and represent a shared, noble mission.”
Fruzsina Skrabski, president of the Foundation

"It is a delight to develop the Foundation into a professional organization, that stands
on a solid base. This way our work can convince more and more corporate and
political leaders to support people and communities in raising children.”
Ágnes Ursula Tordai, co-president of the Foundation

"It is my duty to coordinate the Foundation, and spread family friendly values.
Thankfully, we work more and more efficiently, contributing to our nation’s growth and people’s happiness.”
József Vigh, operational leader of the Foundation.



Support the Foundation! The Three Princes, Three Princesses foundation supports young adults in having children, whether they want to raise one, two, three, or more. Bank info: Magnetbank 16200199-11531241-00000000

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